The Ventu Strainer Bowl is a Colander and a Crock

 - Apr 12, 2011
References: quirky & 7gadgets
If you’re the person on dishwashing duty, you’ll be very happy to discover the Ventu Strainer Bowl. This convenient contraption acts as an invaluable apparatus for food preparation and the serving process.

Instead of making use of a sieve as well as a salver, cleaning time can be cut down by half, contributing to the efficiency of your cooking and losing less spaghetti down the drain due to transferring containers.

The server comes with the added bonuses of a sleek-looking brushed stainless steel, soft wooden handles and a pivoting function that opens and closes its draining feature. The Ventu Strainer Bowl can hold up to 20 cups of liquid, allowing you to strain or rinse large quantities of pasta or fruit through the crock colander.