From Minimalist Metal Furnishings to Glamorous Grid Garments

 - Nov 20, 2013
Embracing a minimalist visual aesthetic, these wireframe design features vary from simplistic furnishings to sculptural grid fashions. With a focus on their graphic visual quality and bare structural forms, the netted designs evoke a subtle sense of power.

With a defiance of heavy ornamentation and added decorative details, these bare furnishings, architectural structures and unique garments put focus on the importance of clean silhouettes and simplistic linear forms in the world of contemporary design.

Modern mannerism masterpieces,sculptural seating and 3D grid garments are just some of these amazing wireframe design features. The dynamically conceived designs embrace a 'less is more' philosophy that is a true translation of minimalist themes. Gaining immense popularity in the past, these simplistic concepts are making a revival thanks to a new generation of creative individuals.