Tilt Furniture Offers Literal Flexibility in the Contemporary Home

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: tinaschmid.de & dezeen
With no other object in the image to give you a point of reference, take a look at these pieces of Tilt furniture. They look three-dimensional, don't they? If you could get up close to them and walk around them, however, you'd discover that they are incomplete frames of rectangular prismic volumes.

Only eight rods compose each of the two trompe l'oeil creations, meaning that only three sides of the shapes are suggested with contouring lines. What makes things more confusing is that the joints between them are flexible, enabling the objects to be manipulated for an increasingly mind-bending optical illusion.

Tina Schmid's Tilt furniture might not immediately tell of its purpose, but each has a primary one. The teal piece with its one wooden panel can become a wall-leaning table and the black one folds open to become a wall-mounted clothes rack.