From Sassy 60s Kitchenware to Rad Retrofitted Workstations

 - Mar 13, 2014
If you happen to have a deep-rooted fascination with vintage goods and nostalgic imagery, then these decor ideas for retro fanatics will definitely catch your attention with all their old school design inspirations.

While sleek and contemporary furnishings often provide a very sophisticated and modern overall appeal, minimalist aesthetics can often become quite cold and emotionally hard to relate to. Opting for vintage or retro aesthetics however, allow homeowners to creatively indulge themselves in styles and pop culture references from the past, adding a wonderfully sentimental aspect to convenient pieces of decor.

From cushions that are designed like classic cassette tapes to rocket receptacles and 60s-inspired kitchenware, these decor ideas for retro fanatics will definitely add a more visually nostalgic aspect to any interior space.