The Shine Labs SOLO Pendant Lamp Sheds the Shade for a Chic Look

 - Nov 20, 2012
References: 2modern & cubeme
Most lamps and light fixtures try to hide the light bulb from sight but the SOLO Pendant lamp bears it for all to see. Created by Shine Labs, the SOLO Pendant lamp is a minimalist approach to lighting fixtures that both simple, understated and elegant.

The lamp comes in one of four designs including 'Gold Leaf,' 'Lily White,' 'Black Diamond Row' and 'Natural Wood.' The socket holders are designed with the original Thomas Edison light bulb in mind as the vintage look of the bulb becomes the central focus when added to the fixture. An array of other unique bulbs are available and can easily be paired with the SOLO Pendant lamp. While regular bulbs work just fine, fancy ones are sure to become commonplace once you install this retro fixture.