Tetris Bookshelves by johloh can be Rearranged Just Like the Game

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: craftster.org & neatorama
The Tetris Bookshelves are probably one of the more clever pieces of furniture to be inspired by retro video games. While other creations simply take on the form of consoles, controllers and more, this one is much more interactive and practical.

Created by Crafter johloh, who is based in San Francisco, California, the Tetris Bookshelves are made up of separate pieces that haven't been melded together. In this way, it acts just like the puzzle-inspired video game. The individual pieces can be constantly rearranged depending on a person's taste or need.

Made out of wood, the Tetris Bookshelves are just as playful as they are practical, which is only natural. Since they haven't been painted the iconic bright colors the game is also known for, the shelves are also quite sophisticated.