Edison Light Mimics the Iconic Look of the Original Incandescent Bulb

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: damienurvoy & fubiz.net
Simultaneously modern and retro, the Edison Light is a fresh take on the antique incandescent lightbulb. You will observe a contemporary Plumen light source that is certainly a product of the 21st century, yet it has been encased in a transparent glass globe to mimic the 19th century electrical device.

Damien Urvoy's design playfully associates the glowing loops with an old filament, encasing them in a bulb. The base of the table lamp is a cylindrical wooden block that's partially covered by this clear cap as well; meanwhile, the cord of the fixture is coiled around spool-like indentation of the middle to store excess cable. This red wire adds a colorful and functionally adaptive feature to the Edison Light, bringing a vintage gadget up to date with for the modern interior.