- Feb 1, 2014
The most popular customization trends from 2013 reflect the huge catering to niche markets across all industries. Customization has reached entirely new heights as this year witnessed massive custom and tailored in a wide array of consumer categories from home decor to marketing and packaging.

One market to have undergone extreme customization this year is home decor -- in particular shelving and storage ideas. As urban dwelling and small living spaces become more and more the norm, designers, artists and decorators are designing furniture and storage that become custom and unique to each space. From fold-up furniture to DIY shelves, consumers are now able to customize living spaces and offices however they please to service a variety of needs and preferences.

We also see spaces with traditional uses such as a garages and nature being transformed to take on completely different uses. Spaces of all sorts are being personalized to complement the massively diverse spectrum of consumer needs today.

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From Pet Luggage Loungers to Back-Seat Driver Vehicles: