Mr. Perswall Creates Elaborate Illusions for Your Humble Abode

 - May 12, 2013
References: mrperswall & thefancy
With these wicked new wallpaper designs from Mr. Perswall, your walls don't need to be drab and bare any longer. In fact, these wallpaper designs can make any room look a little bit bigger and a whole lot fancier.

The 'Library' design, for instance, shows shelves upon shelves of old books against your previously empty wall, making your room look like the library of a Victorian aristocrat. Mr. Perswall's other designs are also fabulously deceptive to the eye. Its 'Newspaper' and 'Stone' designs both serve to make your room appear unique and original while maintaining a degree of subtlety. If subtlety's not your style, however, there are still designs like the 'Pen Pal' or the 'Graffiti' that will brighten up any room, anytime.

These Mr Perswall designs are fun, fresh and extremely eye-catching.