From 3D Geometric Wall Decals to Boxy Bedroom Designs

 - Feb 1, 2014
Do-it-yourself projects are at the center of the top home trends in 2013. Customization-seeking consumers are personalizing spaces in the homes through a variety of both big and small projects. This includes take old items and transforming them to serve a new -- and usually unexpected -- purpose.

DIY Lighting was especially popular this year, allowing consumers to create products that allow them to completely control the look and feel of a space. The DIY element allows individuals to work with materials many products can't offer, such as foliage and recycled goods.

The home trends in 2013 also reflect consumer desires to stay organized -- particularly for those people living in small spaces. To offer more storage and convenience, many hybrid home pieces emerged this year including furniture that served additional pieces such as hidden compartments and drawers.

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