This Moss Bath Mat Brings the Great Outdoors to Any Bathroom

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: cheezburger & incrediblethings
Living in a large city with urban blight in every direction can make it difficult to connect with the great outdoors, which is where fun creations like this moss bath mat come in handy.

As anyone who has gone swimming in a clean lake can attest, there's nothing quite like the feeling of moss between your toes as you get yourself dry. That's the feeling that designer Nguyen La Chanh attempted to capture with their moss bath mat design. In a pinch, you could always just not clean your bathroom and let moss grow everywhere, but that's not a very hygienic alternative. The moss bath mat is not currently for commercial sale, but considering how many unique mats and rugs I see at quirky home stores like IKEA, I'm sure it's only a matter of time until you can have a moss bath mat to call your own.