- Nov 30, 2014
When purchasing gifts for the gardener, a variety of innovative products are available in today's retail market. From hanging planter accessories to self-watering flower pots, these botany-inspired gift are sure to impress.

The accessories will appeal to amateur and experienced gardeners and range from decorative home accessories to sophisticated tools that will analyze the quality of one's soil.

Whether opting for a decorative or high tech gift, these products from this list are designed with sustainability in mind. Some of the most innovative gifts for the gardener include the 'Genesis Controller', Sustainable Microfarms' hydroponic gardening system. The system is computerized and does not feature a traditional and soil-based growing system.

In addition to this product, another great idea from the list includes Back to the Roots' Oyster Mushroom harvesting kit. The kit allows gardeners to grow mushrooms at home and saves one money in the long run.

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