The Gabriella Asztalos 'Floating Garden' Provide an Elegant 3D Effect

Gardening baskets usually have one imagining straw-made, woven carriers that can be filled with soil and placed outdoor porches or indoor stands, however, the Gabriella Asztalos 'Floating Garden' collection of baskets are metallic, modern and hanging. They are made to make plants appear as if they are floating through the air filling up spaces that are usually left blank and thus offering a unique 3D effect to any room that they are placed in.

The design of these baskets will remind one of a chef's silverware turned garden-ware. The metallic look is much like the stainless steel appliances that most modern kitchens employ today. With a recent shift of interior design to metropolitan design, the Gabriella Asztalos Floating Garden baskets will add volume to any home as they hang from the ceilings.