The Sweet Pot Soaks Up Every Drop of H2O to Feed Two Leafy Communities

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: yankodesign
You can now go through and remove all of those plastic container lids and plates from beneath your indoor flowerpots. The Sweet Pot by Jeong Kim is a charming solution to capturing and making use of the excess water that drains through your plants' potting soil.

Instead of doing a negligibly small part to contributing to interior air moisture, the water that trickles out into the base of this sculptural gardening system is set up to feed a ring of lush grass or moss. You probably want to start by establishing some thriving cuttings around this area so that the plant community is more likely to prosper.

The Sweet Pot by Jeong Kim comes with something called a Sweet Slide that helps you to effortlessly hydrate your primary shrubbery in the first place.