The Genesis Controller is a Microfarm that Automates Plant Growth

 - Aug 10, 2013
References: kickstarter & treehugger
The 'Genesis Controller' is a hydroponic microfarm developed by Sustainable Microfarms. There are several advantages to growing plants using a hydroponic system over a traditional soil-based one, but these systems can be complex and expensive.

The Genesis Controller is a computer-controlled system that allots water and pre-programmed dosages of nutrients to plants. This kind of a hydroponic mechanism is typically only used by professional farmers, but
Sustainable Microfarms is launching a Kickstarter campaign to make microfarming easy and available to the masses.

Since gardening can be a challenge in urban spaces, this microfarming set is a clever mechanism to aid people who want to grow their own food, but lack the space or time to do so.