From App-Connected Home Gardens to Fresh Food Vending Machines

 - May 22, 2014
Organic and fresh foods are hard to come by in this age where we're used to going to large grocery stores and buying fruits, vegetables and meats whose origins we don't know.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways in which people can grow fresh food at home. And no you don't need to have access to your own private farming plot to do this. Advances in fields like hydroponics and the improvement of environmentally friendly growing processes mean you can grow fresh fruits or veggies in your own apartment.

These home gardening solutions vary from thrifty to high-tech as well as in the amount of space they require. There are even a variety of mobile apps and other high-tech solutions to help you grow your own fresh food at home.

For those lacking the time, inclination or energy to put together their own home garden, the next best thing might be vending machines that sell farm-fresh fruits and veggies, or websites that help you locate fresh food grown in your locale.