The FreshWall Design System Allows One to Grow Plants Within Their Home

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: & homechunk
The FreshWall design system aims to promote a healthy and pleasant indoor environment for its users. In addition to letting one grow fresh herbs and vegetable in their home year-round, this urban gardener accessory purifies indoor air.

When plugged in, the affordable electrical gardening unit is easy to maintain and requires its users to pot their plants and to then water them when needed. This urban green wall concept is a bold idea that allows apartment and condo owners to get in touch with their inner gardener.

Each FreshWall plant purifies air quality at the level of 100 normal plants and combines sophisticated hydroponic and aeroponic technology that allow one to grow plants throughout the year. Thanks to its integrated watering system, this green wall destroys harmful chemicals and ensures healthier plant growth.