From Portable Herb Planters to Planter-Enabled Furniture

 - Dec 11, 2015
More consumers are living in urban locations than ever before in history, which makes this collection of indoor gardening innovations that much more palpable with the modern lifestyle. There are many facets to why indoor gardening has been gaining momentum over the past while: lack of outdoor space, limited time or because of weather reasons.

While indoor gardening is indeed a therapeutic pastime for those looking for a new hobby, it has also become a mainstay method for foodies. As more recipes require fresh herbs, many at-home chefs are looking to indoor gardening techniques to ensure they always have the best, and freshest, on-hand.

From hydroponics, to ways to utilize unused windowsill real estate, this collection of indoor gardening innovations highlights the best we're seeing to start cultivating greens anytime of the year.