The iGrow Allows Urban Dwellers to Grow Plants Without Outdoor Space

 - Jan 16, 2016
References: fancy & fancy
For consumers living in cities it can be hard to find the space to cultivate and grow plants, and the iGrow hydroponic gardens allow for a simple solution to this problem with an indoor planter that offers automatic growing. The device requires little to no maintenance or attention to grow flowers, veggies and plants.

The iGrow is a minimalistic smart flower pot that uses LED lights and hydroponics to turn seeds into blooming plants. The planter is made for professional gardeners to novices looking to add greenery to indoor spaces. The iGrow can be used all year around and holds space for several different plants. At the touch of a button, the iGrow will dispense light, water and nutrients to the plant at the ideal increment so plants continue to grow healthy.