- Dec 17, 2016
These gifts for avid gardeners will allow them to flex their green thumbs and ensure that they are able to enjoy their hobby no matter what time of year it is.

The 'Heatweed' is a tool that allows gardeners to much more simply manage unwanted weeds in their yards. It works by blasting a surge of heat at the weed, at over 600 degrees Celsius. The device kills the weed within seconds and ensures that it does not come back. It functions as an alternative to using strong and potentially harmful chemicals.

The 'Véritable' is for gardeners who prefer low-maintenance work, and who would like to continue their food-growing habits indoors when the weather becomes cold. The smart gardening device provides the optimal conditions for growing foods like tomatoes, basil and thyme and gives users a warning when it needs to be watered.

From Heat-Generating Weed Blasters to Autonomous Indoor Gardens: