Karolina Maszkiewicz Encourages Guests to Enjoy Nature Artistically

 - May 13, 2016
References: karolinamaszkiewicz & trendland
The work of Karolina Maszkiewicz brings a bit of nature indoors -- but not in the way people might expect. Hanging large bundles of foliage from the ceiling, she manages to take them out of their natural existence in order for people to appreciate them in a different way. Through these suspended garden installations, Karolina Maszkiewicz explores the concept of life, death, rebirth as well as the more tenuous side of human’s relationship with nature.

A powerful exhibit to say the least, Karolina Maszkiewicz partnered with Ochi Projects to bring it to life. At once hopeful and melancholic, it will be interesting to see how each visitor responds to the artworks in their own individual way. Especially when it comes to the gardens sprouting out of pipes in the wall.