From Suspended Origami Art to Origami-Inspired Bio-Batteries

 - Jul 28, 2016
Origami is an ancient art form, but is one that is still constantly being utilized for various origami-inspired designs. Origami continues to be used in art, scientific research, apparel and furniture.

The 'In N' Over' installation in Montpellier, France uses origami cranes to delight and entrance the viewer. The whimsical art piece is made of various-sized hand-folded origami cranes that are suspended from the ceiling of a courtyard. A professor at Binghamton University was inspired by origami when designing a bio-battery that runs on the bacteria found in dirty water. The professor used the design of a ninja star to create a battery made of eight connected batteries. The 'By Fang' clothing collection was inspired by origami, particularly the folds, angles and symmetrical designs. Origami's intricate and delicate style lends itself to creative and unique designs and uses.