This Paper Crane Can Actually Take To the Air

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: & engadget
The Japanese have long been renowned for their traditional expertise in origami as well as their forward-thinking modern technology, and these two strengths have now come together in the form of an incredibly flying paper crane.

This particular paper crane is able to fly thanks to a small, lightweight and power-efficient microcomputer embedded inside it by Japanese company Rohm. This crane is completely remote controlled and is even capable of keeping itself afloat in the air for five minutes at a time.

In addition to showcasing how traditional and futuristic innovations came come together, this flying paper crane is also a way for Rohm to promote the microcomputer, dubbed the Lazurite Fly. This microcomputer uses 90 percent less energy than other tiny computers, and is clearly perfectly suitable for powering awesome flying paper cranes.