Mademoiselle Maurice Outdoor Installations are Made Using Paper

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: mademoisellemaurice & thisiscolossal
Mademoiselle Maurice is an origami enthusiast that creates street graffiti art using paper instead of spray paint or marker. One of her recent installations is featured in the Singapore Museum of National Art features the work suspended from the ceiling, capturing Mademoiselle Maurice's signature rainbow color scheme of paper installations.

The installation features an added sense of movement and three dimensional perspective that is often missing from Mademoiselle Maurice's wall artwork. The piece features dozens of colorful origami boxes made from pink to purple paper. Each piece is suspended from the Museum of National Art's ceiling at a different height as the piece as a whole coils downwards. Despite the installation being made from a series of separate origami pieces, from afar they appear intertwined as a rainbow.