This Military Shelter Uses Ancient Origami to Save Energy and Space

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: & gizmag
Researchers at the University of Notre Dame's Kinetic Structure Laboratory have built a brand new type of portable military shelter that uses the science behind origami in its clever design.

These deployable shelters have a rigid wall structure, designed to be thermally insulated while saving on heating costs that are associated with traditional canvas tents. The shelters can be folded together flatly, making them easy to transport and ship abroad. The team estimates that through this clever design, emission costs will be reduced by an estimated 70 percent.

A lever system helps to lift their four part structure and these higher quality but heavier side panels can still be erected by only a few soldiers in less than one hour. Further research is also being done to improve and reduce energy consumption and the project hopes to also explore the possibility of utilizing this technology in non-military applications.