These Scultures are Embedded Within the Pages of Iconic Novels

 - Sep 17, 2015
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English artist Nicola Nobo created a series of brilliant sculptures that are embedded in the pages of iconic novels. Origami is a popular Japanese art form that has been used to design some of the word's most impressive pieces of artwork. This project puts an innovative twist on traditional origami by using the pages from various works of literature.

Nobo creates his brilliant sculptures by folding the pages of iconic novels. While it may sound simple, each page must be folded in a precise manner in order to create a three-dimensional object. The process gives the impression that the pages of the book have been cut or sculpted into different shapes. Some of the sculptures featured in the series include paw prints, dinosaur skulls and even city skylines.

The project takes existing works of art and transforms them into something entirely new.