See How the Ancient Practice Influences Design In Honor of Origami Day

 - Nov 11, 2015
In honor of Origami Day, these featured design ideas are a tribute to the re-invention of a classic paper folding art concept. The practice of folding paper has been used to influence everything from furniture designs and architecture to technology and fashion.

Origami has been a heavy influence within the furniture world, which has allowed designers to craft unique pieces of household accessories that are compact and able to be folded -- not built by consumers. Following this theme, origami has proven to be a useful kitchenware tactic as well. For example, designer Ben Strange created a Tupperware-like container called 'FoldFlat' that pops up using folding concept.

On Origami Day it is important to reflect on the ancient paper-folding that has been used across almost every design industry. From cardboard origami cars to playground canopies shaped like folded paper, this art combines aesthetic an convenience.