'Light Origami' by Masakazu Shirane & Saya Miyazaki is Illuminating

 - Jun 8, 2015
References: shirane-miyazaki & becboyle
Japanese artists Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki worked with Reuben Young to create this artistic structure called 'Light Origami.' The large structure is essentially a life-sized kaleidoscope producing mass amounts of vibrant lights. The illuminating structure invites visitors to bathe in the psychedelic colors that are emitted from the dome.

Light Origami is created using over 320 mirrored geometric shapes that shift and move themselves to alter the light beams that are being projected. Through the ever-changing scenes and light transitions, this massive kaleidoscopic will have visitors in a state of euphoria.

With the movement and light combination, each visitor has a unique experience. The entire dome is covered with the mirrors including the floor panels to ensure a cohesive flow.