The Storigami Props Up and Protects Your Brush While Your Travel

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: quirky
The Storigami Toothbrush Tripod is the clever invention of Richard Everett. Designed especially for those who travel, this convenient doodad boasts the ability to keep your dental utensil clean, whether you are in transit or settled into a hotel.

Beginning with an origami-inspired approach, the creator dreamed up a foldable sheath that could seal in your toothbrush, but that could also open up into a convenient stand for it. This way, you can keep your bristles uncontaminated in your toiletries bag, as well as on the bathroom counter. Early prototypes demonstrated the use of durable, flexible plastic with snap buttons; the Quirky Storigami design makes use of a thicker polymer that's transparent. Strong and more seamless fasteners and creases make it sturdy and strong for repeated opening and closing.