From Charcoal-Infused Teeth Cleaners to Nanotech Toothbrushes

 - May 28, 2015
The toothbrush is an integral part of any oral hygiene routine and these novel toothbrush designs put an unexpected spin on the classic dental care staple. From eco-friendly options to high-tech designs, these toothbrush innovations could change the way you care for your teeth.

As with many other industries, oral care has begun looking towards more sustainable materials and packaging for our everyday products. One such example is a reinforced bamboo toothbrush made from renewable wood for an eco-friendly option. And it is not just the body of the toothbrush that has been redesigned, but also the bristles. Companies are looking to materials such as charcoal as a natural way to fight bacteria build-up and keep teeth clean.

Beyond eco-friendly designs, the toothbrush has also received a high-tech update. There are several app-controlled toothbrush designs that will track how often you brush and will help you to improve your overall mouth health. There are even dentist-alerting toothbrushes designed to keep you on top of your next appointment.