Binchotan's Charcoal Toothbrush Transforms Ancient Oral Care

 - Feb 5, 2015
References: morihata & psfk
For centuries, charcoal has been used as part of healthy oral care routines—now, Binchotan is bringing this practice up to speed with the introduction of a charcoal toothbrush.

The purification properties of activated charcoal can be used to clean the air and water, as well as human bodies too. When it comes to teeth, the addition of charcoal to a toothbrush prevents the growth of bacterial, releases negative ions to deodorize, keeps breath fresh and reduces the buildup of plaque. Binchotan unveiled these unique toothbrushes at NYNOW in a familiar form with bright handle colors that makes it seem as though the integration of charcoal into your daily teeth-cleaning routine isn't a practice that's at all daunting—rather than having white or colored bristles, they're black.