From Organic Toothpaste Tins to Web-Based Oral Care Shops

 - Feb 23, 2016
These modern oral care innovations range from all-natural toothpaste tins to mouth care e-shops that highlight a brand's versatile product range -- Crest's web shop lets shoppers purchase the brand's cleaning, breath-freshening and tooth whitening products conveniently online. When examining the oral care industry's most desired products, the rise of organic goods is increasingly prevalent.

Replacing chemicals with natural ingredients, products like organic dental creams, natural toothbrushing sticks and mineralized tooth powders are a sustainable alternative to classic drugstore finds. These examples are not only safe and 100% natural but also feature no artificial additives that can be harmful to one's overall health.

Other notable oral care innovations include high-tech toothbrushes and even eco solutions like cleaners that are crafted out of reclaimed bamboo or with recycled plastic that is added to their handles.