Gleem Toothpaste's Brand Identity is Vibrant and Convenient

 - Sep 24, 2015
Texan designer Rachel Albers conceived Gleem toothpaste's clever brand identity -- a re-design that features vibrant graphics and convenient pump packaging. Synonymous with hand creams and lotions, pump packaging ensures one is using just the right amount of product and not wasting a container's contents.

Mixing artful graphics, recyclable packaging and a convenient pump mechanism, designer Rachel Albers creates toothpaste containers that are both visually striking and convenient. While cosmetics and perfumes are known for their elegant design -- one consumers are proud to display on their vanity -- oral care products are often left simple and clinical in their look and feel.

This toothpaste's packaging is chic enough to place next to a designer perfume or hand lotion and features a handy pump dispenser that reduces product waste.