From Toothpaste-Testing Ice Creams to Silhouetted Kissing Booths

 - Oct 21, 2015
Getting people to take toothbrushing and flossing seriously is tough -- kids hate it, adults ignore it and dentists are feared, which is why these creative oral health ads are so innovative and important.

From print ads to publicity stunts, brands like Colgate, Oral-B and Crest encourage people to keep their mouths healthy and clean. A screened kissing booth in Japan by 'DENTISTE' encouraged people to publicly show private affection -- encouraging minty fresh breath for kissing. A vending machine set up by Colgate aimed to eliminate cavities by giving away free samples of toothpaste whenever a sweet treat was purchased.

Even by making the packaging of a tube of toothpaste unique, like Fresh Toothpaste's vintage design, unique oral health ads can be very effective in getting people excited about something they'd normally consider a boring task.