The Condor Dental Floss Campaign Depicts Corn and Beef

 - May 14, 2014
References: & adeevee
Taking a page from the impressive portfolios of crafty artists around the world, the Condor Dental Floss ad campaign turns this classic teeth cleaning product into stunning art pieces. Embroidery and threaded art is particularly enjoying a revival of interest these days, so it is only appropriate that the brand would take advantage.

The Condor Dental Floss ad campaign depicts an image of corn and beef in a maze of pegged string, two foods that happen to get stuck between teeth frequently. Conceived and art directed by Opusmultipla, an ad agency based in Curitiba, Brazil, the Condor Dental Floss ad campaign was art directed and illustrated by Keith Lauer. Creative director Flávia Rennó oversaw the project.