From Intertwined Dancer Snapshots to Classical Pop Culture Ads

 - Aug 1, 2014
While it may not be considered the most lively form of entertainment out there, you cannot refute how beautiful ballet is. A longstanding dance form, ballet continues to have modern influence today across a variety of industries and art forms. From fashion to furniture, the romantic dance style can be found all over.

These beautiful ballet tributes are very fashion focused. Ballet costumes are clearly a source of inspiration for a number of designers, as evidenced by high-tech tutus and ballerina-esque sneakers. Graceful ballerina moves are also a theme across editorial shoots, such as bodacious backstage editorials. It also has influence on non-fashion photography like off-duty ballerina portraits, blurred ballet photography and beachside ballerina captures. Advertising, whether for clothing or art shows, has also incorporated the elegant movement.