The Korean Levi's Ballet Video Shows Anything is Possible in Jeans

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: designtaxi & doobybrain
Authentic denim manufacturer Levi's has paired up with the Korean International Ballet to market its Stretch-to-Fit jeans through the Korean Levi's Ballet video commercial. Viewers are taken through a magical few minutes in which a couple wearing various denim outfits (usually not associated with ballet) gracefully perform acrobatic routines.

The commercial is set with the couple sitting at a train station waiting for an oncoming train. Usually, denim-wearers prefer a casual fit that doesn't bode much movement beyond walking, however, the Korean Levi's Ballet video shows that Levi's Stretch-to-Fit jeans are made for dancing anytime, anywhere. From spins to lifts to high jumps, the dancers make ballet look easy, especially in jeans.

I'm sure such grace would need a little more practice before potential customers decide to break out into performances in public areas, but at least you know it's possible!