From Dapper Diaper Ads to Pierced Pacifier Prints

 - Jan 15, 2014
Ads with babies have become all the rage on the Internet in the past few years, but people sometimes forget the inventive baby product ads; the ads for babies.From hilarious Huggies diaper commercials, to trendy bay clothes ads and even creative food jar labeling, there's no shortage of creative ways to market to babies and their parents.

One pacifier ad has babies decked out like mini bikers, advertising a pacifier for 'difficult little people.' Huggies has its ever-iconic baby fashionista ad for the denim diapers. On a less typical note, Purista has unique labels for their baby formula (cute, clean and simple designs for clean and simple formula) and DBI advertises childsurance for parents to invest in for their toddlers. These baby product ads are inventive and memorable ways to attract parents -- and babies -- to specific products.