Squooshi Packaging Appeals to the Eyes, the Tummy and the Planet

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: blockbranding & packagingoftheworld
Not enough focus has been shifted to developing reusable containers for consumer goods. The Squooshi packaging concept won a Gold at the 2012 Perth Advertising and Design Club Awards for its eco-friendly solution to storing infants' food.

Adults will appreciate the cute visual identities present in the series of bottles for the appeal that they will have to their youngsters. An adorable lion, a walrus, a monkey and a panda are some of the characters that the pouches assume. The illustrations encompass almost all of the surface area and feature a playful color scheme.

Behind the appearance of Block Branding's design is the value of Squooshi packaging as a product. The containers are intended to hold healthy homemade baby food to encourage nutritious diets for kids, as well as the practice of eco-friendly consumption.