- Feb 25, 2015
Kids certainly have some sway at the supermarket, so companies definitely find it worthwhile to design fun food packages to increase sales. Boxes, cartons, wrappers, bags and less conventional containers can instantly attract youngsters with the right colors, visuals and––most of all––interactive qualities.

More and more, designers working on marketing, branding and packaging design for children's goods have been experimenting with game-like concepts. Illustrated beverage bottles can give birth to loveable characters that little ones will treat like toys. The added implications of these fun food packages is that they inspire emotional connections, create brand familiarity through longer lifespans and exposure, and promote eco-friendly practices through potential reuse. Interactive snack packaging invites kids to play with their food, but it greatly benefits the company behind it.

Playful Wrappers from Stackable Snack Blocks to Superhero-Suited Lollipops: