Lunchbox Awesome Shows Off Visually Playful Treats

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: lunchboxawesome.tumblr & psfk
Graphic Designer Heather Sitarzewski has tackled the issue of getting kids to eat by decorating her son's lunch and she has posted these amazing pieces on her Tumblr blog Lunchbox Awesome.

Sitarzewski's Lunchbox Awesome blog showcases some of her culinary artwork that she meticulously creates. Each piece of food has been carved and shaped into visually impressive edible cartoon figures. She's included the likes of Goofy, Jack Skellington, Snoopy and Sponge Bob into her son's food as an incentive to get him to finish everything.

While the purpose of her creations is to get kids to eat healthy, I think others may have trouble gobbling up such an impressive display of food. Besides, who has the heart to eat Snoopy?