Brodofino Stelline Packaging Puts on a Face for Young Consumers

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: fabiobernardi &
Friendly design challenges foster such instinctive creativity, resulting in clever concepts like Brodofino Stelline packaging. Fabio Bernardi conceived this playful pyramidal parcel at a recent workshop called Design Per in Bologna.

Assigned the task of producing a logo, label and wrapper for any type of edibles, the graphic designer chose to work with pasta and target children as his primary consumers. Channeling the practice of playing with your food, Bernardi turned the box into a geometric block and decorated the white prism with sentient shapes made from the noodles.

Depicting facial expressions of happiness, sadness and the savors in between, the Brodofino Stelline packaging highlights the animated experience of eating. Designed to be opened at the tip and resealed with the same cap upside-down, this pasta packet is truly a clever bit of branding.