- Oct 1, 2014
When it comes to chocolate packaging, there have been an array of different designs that speak to a variety of people of every age. From the more child-like illustrations to the more luxurious look of certain truffles, chocolate packaging has taken on a variety of looks over the years.

The candy powerhouse Nestle has experimented with different aesthetics, such as the Les Recettes d'Atelier. This product has a very artisanal look, as if it was created by hand from a far-off place and then imported. This type of branding certainly helps to draw in the type of clientele looking for a classier kind of chocolate rather than one that can be devoured all in one sitting (although that can be done too with this item).

These types of chocolate packaging demonstrate the range of designs related to this product.

From Artisan Chocolate Packaging to Healthy Indulgent Truffles: