Nestle's Maison Cailler Sweets are Personalized to Individual Tastes

 - Oct 22, 2011
References: maisoncailler & popsop
Nestle is targeting luxury- and indulgence-loving consumers with its new line of personalized chocolates made by Maison Cailler, Nestle's chocolate factory in Broc. This factory, purchased by the Nestle company in 1929, is known for producing high-quality -- "haute couture" -- chocolate.

The Maison Cailler chocolates are an attempt at providing more customer customization. To discover their chocolate preferences, Nestle's customers must first order a box of five "tasting" chocolates, says Popsop, from the Maison Cailler website. Then, the customer follows steps to find out her individual "chocolate personality" to order a box of chocolates that is matched to her unique chocolate taste. Along with the box of chocolates, the customer receives a booklet containing descriptions of each chocolate personality.

Nestle's Maison Cailler is just one of the brand's efforts at increasing customer customization. Previously, Nestle launched a specialized nutrition system for babies called BabyNes.