- Feb 18, 2015
Whenever you're experiencing a chocolate craving, Nestle treats are the obvious go-to solutions. The multinational Swiss company has done deliciously well for about 150 years, churning out the beloved food and drink products that make people smile on a daily basis.

Always with a sensitivity towards its consumers, Nestlé has lead the way to uphold allergy-conscious production and a more recent pledge to strip artificial ingredients from its candy. The great chocolatier has worked to perfect its classic favorites like the Kit Kat bar, the Crunch and Butterfinger chocolate bars. To appeal to different markets and more diverse tastebuds, Nestle treats have expanded into the realm of buiscuity beverages and surprising sculptural desserts like chocolate teapots. There's something sweet for everybody to love.

From Cookie-Flavored Milk to Ethical Chocolate Bars and Edible Teapots: