The Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar is Full of Thin Minty Goodness

Nestle has revealed that the tempting image of a Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar that surfaced on Reddit recently is in fact real. The limited edition chocolate bar flavor features the beloved Thin Mint Cookies that the Girl Scouts are famous for. Now you won't have to go through a scout just to get your cookie fix. Come June, you'll be able to waltz into any convenience store and indulge in your favorite Girl Scout cookie enveloped in a bar of chocolate.

Other girl scout cookie-themed flavors could also be in the works, but Joshua Ackley, a spokesperson for Nestle, is keeping those under lock and key. It will still be a few more months until the Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar hits store shelves, but it seems poised for success. Girl Scout cookies have enjoyed a cult-like status among snackers for ages, so adding them to a chocolate bar just makes good sense.

Decadent, nostalgic and impossible to say no to, this unique candy bar is sure to attract a whole lot of attention.