From Lightly Flaked Dessert Recipes to Hybrid Green Tea Lattes

 - May 8, 2015
As consumers grow more conscious of green tea's nutritional benefits, their appreciation for matcha flavors has greatly increased. Matcha is no longer solely synonymous with tea beverages or foreign snacks but is now being used in a wide variety of familiar food and drink recipes.

Standouts from this list include lightly-flaked desserts that feature a bake-free prep routine along with artisanal lattes that are blended using a range of specialty tools. Other favorites include handmade lollipop sweets that are a healthy alternative to the traditional candy along with bean-topped frappucinos that infuse an American caffinated beverage classic with traditional, Asian flavors.

Consumers' mainstream obsession with matcha flavor is only beginning and is inspiring countless food bloggers to experiment with the covetable and healthy ingredient.