This Green Tea Lemonade Recipe is Simple and Refreshing

 - Oct 28, 2014
References: inspirededibles
This green tea lemonade recipe is a perfect way to cool down after a long day.

Both lemon and matcha (finely milled green tea leaves) are a great source of antioxidants. Together, they concoct a beverage with nutritional value and health benefits.

The recipe calls for the juice and zest of a single lemon, four tablespoons of matcha, a tablespoon of raw honey, 16 ounces of boiling water, two cups of ice and several leaves of fresh mint. Matcha is a very particular flavor and consistency, and can be intense for first-time drinkers. You can soften the taste with an extra spoonful of honey, agave or a touch of cream. The recipe makes two delicious, refreshing mason jars of matcha lemonade!