- Jan 19, 2016
These alternative energy drinks range from an anti-nausea juice for pregnant women to a brain-boosting beverage that can help boost your IQ. Unlike the energy drinks of the past, these modern supplements provide a more natural and more nutritious way to recharge.

Up until recently, energy drinks were condemned for their high sugar content and excessive use of artificial ingredients. However, now there are a number of beverage companies using natural energy-boosting ingredients such as guarana to provide a more subtle pick-me-up. This movement towards all-natural products means that consumers can now choose energy drinks that are organic, nutritious and naturally sweetened.

Beyond cutting back on artificial ingredients, many companies have also sought to offer more than just an energy boost. For example, there are all-natural energy drinks that help pregnant women combat nausea. There are also brain-boosting energy drinks that are designed to help you regain focus.

From Sparkling Stimulant Drinks to Organic Energy Beverages: