The New 'Wellness Shots' from 'Kor Raw' Pack an Instant Energy Boost

'Kor Raw' now offer consumers an instant energy boost in the form of a tiny cold-pressed juice. The new 'Wellness Shots' are not only energizing, but they are also made from wholesome organic ingredients to provide a natural energy supplement.

While traditional energy drinks contain a number of processed ingredients, the Wellness Shots are made from fresh organic ingredients, such as turmeric and ginger root. These products are sourced from local farmers in Malibu and Hawaii to ensure that the energy shots contain only the highest-quality ingredients. It is the restorative and energizing properties of these natural ingredients that help to provide an instant energy boost.

And it is not simply the high-quality ingredients that set Kor Raw apart. Unlike other energy shots, the Wellness Shots from Kor Raw are produced using a method of high pressure processing. This process helps to maintain the enzymatic properties of the raw ingredients to ensure that consumers gain the full nutritional benefit of the product.